Interior Design

Virtual Interior Design Services

There are many virtual interior design services out there. Houzz, RoomLift, Modsy, and RoomPlays are all examples of AI-driven design companies. Some of these companies are fully automated, while others are not. If you are looking for inspiration for a new room, try out one of these websites. You can even make the design process easier by using one of the many tools available. We discuss the best ones below.


If you don't have the time to hire a real designer, you can use Houzz to find one online. The app provides you with access to 25 million high-resolution images of homes and other design projects. You can browse through them by room, style, or location. Houzz allows you to save and share photos, annotate them, and draw directly on them. It also allows you to shop from a massive catalog of 5 million products, and save up to 75% during featured sales. You can even buy directly from the photos using Visual Match, which enables you to purchase items that match your favorite photos.

The platform features a variety of tools to help you improve your design skills. These tools include Ideabooks, a directory of photos, and a host of other tools and services. Premium profiles can help you generate leads and get paid fast. Houzz offers specialized tools to help designers manage their business, including sourcing, proposal, and reporting tools. You can also schedule a free demo and review the results of your work before committing to it.


If you're considering hiring a virtual interior designer to help you with the redesign of your home, RoomLift may be an option worth looking into. These services send you a curated box with a virtual floor plan and various design assets such as paint chips, wallpaper samples, and fabric samples. They'll even help you choose furniture and decor and provide styling notes. Customers can choose from two designs of cards, which feature product images, prices, and where-to-buy information.

You can pay a flat rate, or choose a per-room package. RoomLift has been in business since 2009 and offers multi-room design services, including VIP support for up to eight rooms. Users can upload photos of their rooms or browse Pinterest boards to see what others have done. Once you've decided on your favorite design, RoomLift sends you a box filled with tangible elements and material samples to help you finalize your decision. This helps you compare paint swatches and other samples to find the right design for your home.


For a home remodeling budget, Modsy's virtual interior design services can come in handy. Users can choose to work with a personal designer, purchase design packages, or browse through photos for inspiration. Once a design package is chosen, a user can make changes and purchase individual items for the home. This service is a great option for those looking for an inexpensive way to transform a room, but don't know where to start.

With the help of virtual interior design services, customers can visualize the appearance of a home before they purchase it. Modsy's virtual interior design services offer a seamless shopping experience. Customers can see 3D renderings of their chosen designs before purchasing them, and Modsy even includes shoppable items from retailers. They can virtually try on each item before buying it. Customers can even see their dream home before spending a penny!


The concept behind RoomPlays is simple - a virtual marketplace that matches homeowners with interior designers. The virtual marketplace is a way to make interior design affordable for homeowners, and it empowers designers with the power of work-at-your-own-pace opportunities. But what exactly is virtual interior design? What is its advantage? What does it mean for clients? And how does it differ from a traditional interior design service?

One of the key differences between roomPlays and other online services is that it offers 3D renderings. To begin, you will need to take a quiz and upload photos of your room. From there, you can view several Pinterest boards organized by style and choose two. Within three to five days, you'll receive a rough floor plan. Fill in measurements in the spaces that have been labeled. After the design process, you'll be able to download a virtual plan of your room.

The Expert

The Expert virtual interior design services allow consumers to consult with top-notch designers without a massive budget or large project. It works by matching clients with a selected panel of experts. For example, Joy Moyler is a top authority on fixtures and finishes, while Ginny Macdonald is a top pick for built-ins and cabinetry. With so many design experts to choose from, The Expert is a great way to find the right designer for your project.

A design consultation with The Expert lets you communicate with a big name designer through video. This streamlines the process and eliminates the need for emails. You can also get a second opinion on specific tasks. During the consultation, you can discuss any design-related issues with your expert. And the entire process is streamlined with a project portal. No more lost emails, or searching for the right wallpaper or paint color. All of your questions are answered within minutes.